Re flash don’t do it

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Dewayne Edwards 1974
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Re flash don’t do it

Post by Dewayne Edwards 1974 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:55 am

So took my gt in to get starter motor binding sound taken care of ( torque eliminator gear) but before I took it in I saw a c light failure flash a few times on my screen. So I mentioned it to tech and KTM USA told him to re flash my cpu to newest software. 3.034 or something I had 3.027 and that messed everything up TC and ABS failure at 1st, fixed that, week later quick shifter stoped working. So I took it back (78 miles one way) and sit there for 3-4 hrs and finally it works again. Had to re flash back to 3.023. What a pain in my ass but the shop is working with me.

Still love the bike, just wish KTM wouldn’t send out updates before they are ready. I have little time to waist just like everyone else out there that has to work.

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Re: Re flash don’t do it C-light Failure

Post by TCC » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:36 pm

Hi Dewayne,

It's a couple of years since your post but I'm having a similar problem with my 2017 1290 SDGT.

Dealer updated the software on my bike and I now have C-light Failure.

Do you know if the software numbers you quoted are for the Cornering Light Control Unit (the one on the left hand side of the radiator just below the tank) or for the Central Electronics MCU. I have v3.34 on my dash cluster. I will try showing him your post and see if he can reload the earlier v3.23.

Would appreciate any further information you may have.

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Aussie Dave
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Re: 19 flash - yes do it... but get it done properly!

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:48 pm

Dewayne probably lost interest in this forum after the big outage in January, and the slow down in mid 2019.... I know I got sick of the painfully slow response rates trying to change threads etc..... but all is working well now. Sadly many contributors haven't returned.

I'm very surprised at this thread title.

I have a 17SDGT and it has had all it's updates installed, and since June, has been running the 2019ECU software...... WITH NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER..... :D .

I doubt their has ever been a software issue, more likely, some dealership's haven't completed the installation's properly.

They may have thought they had done regular updates/the 19 flash fully, but, my local KTM mech advised me that there is a bit of stuffing around to make sure all settings are saved and the software is fully updated - he has fixed SDGT's that have had partial updates installed (thereby creating programming inconsistencies due to incompatibility between updated and non updated software).

Reverting back to an earlier software version is not the answer...... a correctly downloaded and installed update is ;) .

If you have not upgraded to the 2019 software for gen 1 SDGT's you are missing out on vastly improved suspension damping and response rates.

I have it on mine and there are no issues!


PS On the KTM Forum site, several members reported similar symptoms..... QS lost, C-light messages etc, all resolved by the dealership re-loading the full software properly.
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mick shere
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Re: Re flash don’t do it

Post by mick shere » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:36 pm

Like Dave I had my 17 flashed with no problems at all. The mechanic did show me the £800 battery charger they use to ensure the voltage stays stable during the process

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Re: Re flash don’t do it

Post by Winger » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:22 pm

Has mine done October and it’s been fine.

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