Good Morning from OREGON!

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Good Morning from OREGON!

Post by phatdoughnut » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:25 pm

I was finally able to pick up my dream bike in September. Its amazing. Every mile has been awesome! I've put 1,100 miles on it so far commuting to work. The dealer experience was awesome other then waiting for 3hrs for them to unlock and register it to me. Wife was a little mad that I ruined our anniversary. I'll make it up. :lol: I am glad I waited for the 2019 model. My local dealer didn't have a White one so I had to go chase her down. Seems like they white's are harder to find.
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Re: Good Morning from OREGON!

Post by DaveNZ » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:41 am

Awesome, wellcome aboard Dougnut. :D
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Re: Good Morning from OREGON!

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:24 am

Greetings phatdoughnut,

Nice colour..... sure stands out in a crowd ;) .

1100 miles already...... only a few 000 more and it will be fully loosened up!

Does your's have Angel GT's as oem tires? If you feel they are a bit slippery at the high book pressures, try running around 35psiF and 37psiR - though you may need to ask the dealer to adjust the TPMS 'warning' trigger settings to stop lots of needless warning messages....... but it is worth it, as a few SDGT drivers have been tricked by the instant throttle/high torque at low revs and have kissed the bitumen as the rear tire unhooks from the road surface. I keep the revs up so have never had any concern....... which reminds me...... if you feel the gearing is too 'tall' for your riding, you can squeeze a 40T rear sprocket on without changing the chain (after a few 000mls as it is a tight fit at first)..... this will make traffic a little bit easier than the oem gearing though you will still not be looking for 6th gear until well over the speed limit ;) .

I ran 34f 36r for 15,000kms (errr, 9,000mls) so wear rates aren't affected..... but the grip was much better than at 36f 42r on a solo lightweight sporty bike.

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