Checked Earth Lead "both ends"

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Checked Earth Lead "both ends"

Post by Aussie Dave » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:53 am

G'day all,

Over on the KTM Forum, I read a post in a discussion about electrical issues/battery problems/dash blanking/etc...... and was inspired to check my battery leads - both ends!

I knew my terminals were tight, but had never thought to trace the leads to the other end.....

The +ve lead goes to the two Allen key screws on the fuse junction just behind the red battery terminal.

The -ve lead disappears forward under the RHS tank mount. Ok, it's hot n humid, but i gotta know if something is about to vibrate loose and cause all sorts of annoying issues, but I'm not taking the tank off again..... so, holding a lamp 'just right' I could see the hex head bolt on the earth lug in here (pic please... :lol: )..
Earth lead under tank mounts.jpg
Earth lead under tank mounts.jpg (52.34 KiB) Viewed 343 times
Naturally, I disconnected the -ve terminal and shifted the cable so I could sneak an 8mm open ender in under the big fat wiring harness and tighten the bolt approx 1 face without any sparking......

I was surprised, I thought I'd find it tight as I have had no weird issues...... but it was only firm tight, not 'staying tight'... ;)

So that was easy enough to check..... especially if you are thinking your bike needs a new battery sooner than necessary, or if your dash is blanking or cruise light flashing...... it just might be a loose termination to earth.

Cheers all.
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Re: Checked Earth Lead "both ends"

Post by jjscsix » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:16 am

Thanks for posting Dave. Good advice
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