Failure of the standard Rec/Reg and fried electrics

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Failure of the standard Rec/Reg and fried electrics

Post by Stewb » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:20 pm

Hello all who may listen - thought I would put together a few notes of my recent experience with failing Rec/Reg and subsequent fried battery - ECU - Immobiliser.
This all started many months ago when on fine Sunday morning decided to go for a lap of our local favourite 220km morning ride through the country back roads -
The first signs of trouble started when I went to start the bike - the motor was slow to turn even though the battery was only about 8 weeks old ( perhaps I should ride it more I thought).
half way through the ride the bike started to misfire while cruising along at 100kph and I quickly noticed the instruments had stopped working and within 200 mtrs the bike just cutout.
Pulled up at the side of the road there was steam coming from under the seat( thinking this was battery smoke ) with much hast I removed the seat and obvious to all the battery was boiling it little head off.
After letting it cool down there was no chance of getting this thing to start so back to base - get the car and trailer and retrieve stranded beast.
Long story short from there was the ECU kept blowing the 10amp fuse feeding it the required power supply - new ECU ordered fro Austria ( 6 weeks later) - now installed and at least the bike would start but only run for a second or two - turned out the Immobiliser had also taken a hit
This time ordered a new complete ignition key and immobiliser kit again from Austria ( another 6 week wait).
I was in no mood to put up with this ever happening again so after research decided to upgrade to Shendigen SH775 series rec/reg ( Polaris original spare part) - this mounts on the original bracket without mods.
New Motobatt gel battery and also had to take the bike to KTM dealer to have new ECU and immobiliser married together and engine maps installed.
Turns out the new ECU is completely blank and you need the factory diagnostic tool to install engine mapping and unlock it so later tune ecu program can access it - big shout out to Teamoto at Moorooka for the help with this.
This certainly has been an education in the problems that can come from such a simple electrical failure and the extent it can cause problems down the line.
I will try and show a few pics of what can happen and new Rec/Reg
Hope this helps someone

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Re: Failure of the standard Rec/Reg and fried electrics

Post by eagle_awd » Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:27 pm

Great info Stew...thanks for sharing.

Damn, just another thing to look out for :) That thing did a lot of damage, making me think about preventive replacement, if aftermarket units are relatively cheap...

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