Cold starting

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Cold starting

Post by Mickwatson » Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:49 pm

2016 SDR 5k miles, when starting from cold engine turns then stops as if it's got a flat battery, fitted new one fully charged and still the same, after several attempts it will start but shows general failure and engine warning light comes on, if it's switched off then started again everything is fine😣 starting to wish I'd never bought this bike. KTM dealer's are useless.

Aussie Dave
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Re: Cold starting

Post by Aussie Dave » Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:37 pm

G'day Mick,

You may have a problem with your fuel pump/filter. There is a recall issued for replacement fuel pump as well as the Brembo master cylinder piston and a check of the fuse box. Maybe one or more of these items is affecting your SDR. (the ethanol in fuel has affected filter media or pump seals).

Don't give up on the SD..... a few niggles on a brand new design will soon pass into memory as you ride around on a fully sorted excitement machine. Can't comment on your dealership....... mine is excellent :D

Cheers from Australia :)

Ps my SDGT just started to show the same issue (11,300kms) but I have been unable to ride all year due to a medical issue and have only been starting the beast each month to run the motor up to temp. Last month it took 3 goes to get it to fire up and run..... I am waiting to be declared fit to drive/ride so I can get to my KTM guys and have the recalls done. Also, keep an eye on your Brembo disc rotors...... mine warped out of spec at 7,000kms but KTM Aus replaced them with no complaint (it's a Brembo thing and 320mm size issue as no other smaller disc's have ever warped on my bikes).
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