New 2016 SDGT

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Re: New 2016 SDGT

Post by Aussie Dave » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:47 pm

Cheers Twisted One.. ;) I bolted the Acerbis 'Dual Road' handguards on mine (saw a post from an owner in France on this site) and they look great and work well - others have grafted some KTM guards from 1190/etc on to keep the cold air blast off the fingers while the hot grips do their thing (see posts from Mr C & fellow wet/cold riders ;) ). Be aware the Barkbusters listed on the KTM site may foul the dash....GT is different to the SDR :!:

I am fine with the standard seat (I slip a thin 'close cropped' sheep skin on for long rides) as it doesn't get cold enough here to use a heated seat, but I read that the "comfort" seat is better than the standard pad (a smidge taller though if you are height challenged). I am 5' 9.5/10" with 32" inseam so I fit the Gt....just :lol:

I am also a 'Luddite' and must admit to not spending the cash on MSR. :oops:

The weepy seals are just a PIA and look unsightly - seems to be a WP thing, but I found some hardened bug guts had been trapped in one dust cover and it had scratched a fine groove into the fork leg - hence I did a fine cross hatch to re-seal that issue - others just ride the thing and the fork seals dry up as they wear in (some say it is factory assembly grease draining out). Allan had a big issue with his forks - maybe he got the ones a WP factory assembly worker botched.....he's had them rebuilt under warranty so that should be all good now).

Maybe WP use really soft seals or maybe they are not double/triple lip seals......weird as all my Jap bikes have never had weepy fork seals unless they had stone chip damage (I put extra shielding on forks to reduce this).

The 40T sprocket seems the go, though I have the added challenge here in Aus of trying to buy a steel one (no one wants to sell me one..... :roll: and Eu websites appear to be unable to trade with Aus buyers)..anyway, I'm fine with using 5th at 110kph and only use 6th when out in the back blocks where no one notices any naughty behaviour... spotted a forum member trying a 41T rear....stay tuned for his report..... (the issue with gearing is the huge gap from 5th to 6th.....I think it is like 500-750rpms, so that's why just going 1 tooth smaller on the front is not a good idea, but at least the rear is a quick change system so it only takes 15mins to swap a sprocket... ;)
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Re: New 2016 SDGT

Post by Twisty » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:39 am

Thanks Dave. Just picked up the bike this week. I wrote a quick first impression in the technical section under the title “Quickshifter not working”. I appreciate all your opinions and help so far.

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