Oil leak from rebound adjuster-fork

Squeaky back brake? Hard to control at 30mph/40kph?
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Oil leak from rebound adjuster-fork

Post by xaotikos » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:23 pm

Background: I had my suspension full serviced on 20k kms. From day 1 I had some minor leak from the left rebound adjuster (and less from the right one) however it was quiet for some time. I didn't go back to service center as I left for a trip, no issue, just wiped it 3-4 times.

Now after ~4000km I went for a ride and I had a bigger one as seen at the photo. Went to the mechanic and said it is the o-ring not sealing very good combined with the humidity and may need replacement.

Should I concern about oil level (or anything else) in the fork because of the loss or is it minor?

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