Fun with Solo 2 datalogger, SD 1290R

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Fun with Solo 2 datalogger, SD 1290R

Post by rg500delta » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:28 pm

Last summer i took a couple of trips to the dragstrip. THIS summer I got an AiM solo2 datalogger and have been happily playing with my bikes without towing them all across the state. I already use an AiM logger on another of my bikes, but it's built into the dash. The Solo2 allows me to stick on whatever bike I can and get performance data on the spot.

Did some testing yesterday with a solo2 datalogger on my SDR. I had taken it to the strip previously and was thinking that launching in 2nd might be a good method. I also wondered how early I could get into 3rd without hurting overall accel. Since the bike is wheelie limited to apx 100 mph, maybe 3rd could do the trick down low.

So I slapped on the logger and went for a test ride to an abandoned military airbase.

Launching in first, I had been getting 60’ times a bit over 1.8 seconds with wheelie control on.

Launching in 2nd, with TC/wheelie control off, I managed a low 1.6 second time, however after two of those starts, my clutch became extremely juddery and grabby, making subsequent launches difficult. I FAR prefer launching in 2nd, its easier and you get to skip a shift. Even with TC on, a too-rough 1-2 shift can get the front up too high and you have to roll off. So, 2nd gear is the choice for me.

So next I tested 3rd gear- I did some roll-ons from 30 mph to the top of 3rd and compared that data to the WOT 2nd-3rd run intervals.

Because I was not trying to manage the wheelie at the top of 2nd, turns out I’m faster getting into 3rd gear at 40 mph and sticking with 3rd. 30 mph was too low, but from 40+ I do just as well or better in 3rd.

summer 2017 at the strip (front dropped and mirrors removed):
1/8 7.20@108.8
1/4 10.82 @ 135.08

7-2018: With the new launch in 2nd and short shift to 3rd, no TC or wheelie control, she managed
1/8 mile 6.80 at 106.0
1/4 mile 10.53 at 133.8 mph
on a hot and humid day.
I think the mirrors and higher ride height probably trimmed the mph a bit, or maybe just the weather, who knows. it was hot last summer, too.

The acceleration curve is nearly flat from 0-100 mph as the bike is pretty much on the wheelie threshold the whole way. I can’t get it right on demand, though, but it’s fun. Here's a pic of the accel curve on one of the runs, launching in 2nd gear. Pretty happy with the Solo2! The analysis software is what makes the difference.
KTM linear accel to 100mph jpg.jpg

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