well now thats more like it !

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well now thats more like it !

Post by Cicsy » Mon May 29, 2017 1:34 pm

Yesterday turned out to be the day the penny dropped, the day I fully appreciated what all the fuss was about. Previously I'd posted on the SMT that I'd yet to be fully sold on the bike and whisper it ..........was maybe just a little bit underwhelmed. HOWEVER......

After following some sound advice on what works well from guys on here I'm happy to report I've now got the bike that lives up to all the hype. Little things like the right settings, better rubber , tyre pressures ,dropping the forks all add up to make a big difference to what I was previously riding.

Just to confirm the above, I've had probably the most enjoyable ride on home soil for many a long year yesterday. A smidgen under 300 miles of beautifully twisty tarmac on a cracking sunny day was simply magical. This is north west Scotland at its very best and the SMT lapped it up, cutting through the bends like a scythe.

From Gartcosh in the central belt I took the b roads up through Stirlingshire through Fintry then onto Aberfoyle and over the famous Dukes pass for some second and third gear supermoto style corners. Predictably the SMT excelled in this environment and it's hard to imagine anything else better suited to this particular stretch of never ending tight twisty blacktop. Follow the road on for another 12 miles or so and it spits you out onto the A82 , one of Britain's favourite biking roads which yesterday resembled the approach to a GP!

I stopped in Tyndrum (one of Scotland's favourite bike meets) for a coffee and a gab with fellow bikers There must have been upwards of 80 bikes in that car park yesterday but only one SMT which is always pleasing.

From here I normally head out to Oban but fancied a change so decided to to do a big loop and cut off for Inveraray which turned out to be an inspired choice because trust me if you're from the UK you have to try this next time you're in the vicinity. Mile after mile of fantastic roads set amid the most beautiful scenery imaginable. What is it about the sun that makes you really appreciate what's on your own doorstep?

Inveraray was again packed with like minded bikers but by now I was in the groove and decided to keep going. Instead of stopping to shoot the breeze I set my sights on Lochgoilhead having worked there many moons ago I remembered the wonderful roads which skirt the lochside for mile after mile. It was relatively late in the afternoon when I pulled into Tesco for fuel at lochoilhead but by now I'd past caring about the time. Tank filled to the neck with unleaded it was time to press on round the bay to Ardrishaig to pick up the road for Oban.

What followed was 38 miles of biking nirvana. I've never been over this stretch before so was sorely tempted to just perform a U turn and enjoy all the same roads id travelled in the reverse direction. Thank God I didn't because I'd have missed out on one of the most scenic routes I've ever seen. Through Glen and mountain pass both long fast sweeping bends to tighter low gear twisty stuff much of which looked as its been recently resurfaced. As if the ride to get here wasn't satisfying enough my chosen route revealed I'd only saved the best till last.....Brilliant!

It was nearly 5 o'clock when I got into Oban and being the bank holiday the place was still heaving with tourists. I stopped and had the most amazing fish supper which was devoured while overlooking the wee harbour. A lovely end to the day and still the prospect of another 80 miles to get back home. Yesterday was one of those days I could have happily rode the same route all over again. It's taken me a while but I'm now fully tuned into the SMT and it's a fantastic bike. Roll on the next trip, and if the weather stays like this there may well be no need for foreign shores this year.
Shot from Ardrishaig

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Re: well now thats more like it !

Post by drewsninja » Tue May 30, 2017 5:32 pm

done oban last year great roads for smt excellent bike pleased you enjoyed it

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