Super Duke to SMT Akro's?

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Super Duke to SMT Akro's?

Post by adcolor » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:13 pm

Ok. have a local opportunity for a set of Akrapovic Super Duke exhaust (Y pipe through mufflers). I searched for 'super duke' in 'exhaust' and never quite saw an answer to my question(s):

The parts list shows a different Y pipe. What is different?

Will the mufflers fit, assuming some hanger modifications, with the SMT frame, bag hangers? I am not concerned about the heat shield, and not so much with having to make/modify spacers.

Mods: arrow exhaust, 2nd flies removed, plugged air injection caps, JC30-80 air filter, 44T sprocket, 80w high beam, short levers, weighted bar ends, Rox risers, remapped ecu, heated grips, horn, radiator screen, crash bar, skid plate, backrest.

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Re: Super Duke to SMT Akro's?

Post by lcjohnny » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:41 am

:| different shape completely.
The SD subframe is narrower where the Y tube is mounted then the SD pipes taper in towards each other about 10degrees. I tried to fit some to my SMT and as far as I can see you would need radical surgery or an SD subframe (if that fitted).

Sadly you cannot fit the silencers on their own as the standard akra silencers for an SD fit by clamping over the ends of the Y tube, but on the SMT the silencers are held by a 3bolt mount to a trapped plate on the Y piece.

Sorry Jon

Btw the JCE pipes are a good price and we'll made.
Sold it. Got an Aprilia Shiver

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Re: Super Duke to SMT Akro's?

Post by Hellboi » Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:16 am

Crap, I just came across a set of Leo Vince from a Super Duke for 300 USD. Would of been nice if they worked. :cry:
And where might a fellow like me find such a glorious spatula?

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