Pit Bull headlift stand

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Pit Bull headlift stand

Post by Afrankart » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:42 am

Has anybody used one of these with their GT? I have their rear lift, which is awesome, and I was considering picking up a matching front stand. Has anybody used their headlift stand? Doesn't look like there's much room between the headlight and front fender to squeeze it in there.

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Aussie Dave
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Re: Pit Bull headlift stand

Post by Aussie Dave » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:51 am

G'day Afrankart,

I use a headlift stand........ mine is the La Corser (KTM Copy) universal headlift stand and it is really easy to use....... but the steering will only swing part of the way L & R which will be common to all headstock lifts on the GT.

I saw the Pitbull video months after I bought the La Corser stands and the Pitbull stuff is way better. There are so many stands available now, compared to when I was a newbie and in a hurry to get kitted out with everything.

Now I use my head lift stand in partnership with a Constand EVO Center lift as I no longer have the strength to shove the rear ss stand down......... :idea: have a look at the ABBA superbike system...... it works like a center stand but has a simple system to also lift the front wheel........ :mrgreen:
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