SC Project Slip-On Install

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SC Project Slip-On Install

Post by Bansheewc » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:16 am

So, I just finished installing the SC Project silencer to my '19 SDGT (cat is still in place). I like the way it looks, it's a bit lighter, and the sound - while not louder overall, has a slightly more bass-y tone. I think with a bit of time, the rumble might even deepen a bit further. Oh, and the db killer has not been removed either. I'll eventually try it without...but I'm good for now.

So, here's the question for anyone else who has installed this silencer: Was your fit perfect? Because mine was not. I didn't have to do much...not like I was machining parts or anything, but if I properly fitted the can to the end of the collector (factory cat.), the hole in the hangar bracket was a wee bit forward of the hole in the footpeg hanger. So you have to thread the hanger bracket bolt first, then cinch up the pipe collar. It was off by 3/16".

Also, the supplied collar and bolt for the hanger bracket (8 x 20mm, because the stock bolt is much longer) is still too long and bottoms into the bolt hole before clamping the exhaust hanger firmly. I had to install a thick spacer to take up the rest of the space. Again, by no means a deal breaker - but I'm wondering if others had similar experiences?

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Re: SC Project Slip-On Install

Post by DaveW » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:30 pm

I Have a HP corse end exhaust and when fitting the Bodis mid pipe i had to loosen the header pipes, remove the chain (as i have a 40th rear sprocket) This gave me the space to remove the original cat.
Just about all of the bolts i had to keep loose and adjust/tighten each one at a time.As bolt holes always seem to be a tad out of alignment.

Cheers DaveW
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