New member - GPS and lights question

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New member - GPS and lights question

Post by Mike2105 » Fri May 25, 2018 4:06 pm

Just joined the group as I'm about to test ride the SuperDuke GT to replace my 2010 Aprilia RSV1000R. My poor back and wrists can't take much more touring on it - albeit a brilliant bile.
I've got to stay with a V-Tiwn hence testing the GT and personally I think that the designer of the MultiStrada has a fetish for Angry Birds.
Anyway - back to the point
1. I notice that its £75 ish for the GPS mount. That appears to be for just the plastic and no wiring! Seems a bit expensive to me. What options exist for GPS mounting and hard wiring?
2. Headlight. How easy is it to change the main headlight bulb and is there a thread on here about changing the halogen bulb to an LED?
3. What are KTM like for deals on buying new??
Its rare to find a bike that ticks all the boxes you need but this one ticks pretty much all of them, or at least all those that really matter. So long as I enjoy the test ride I'll be buying one

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Re: New member - GPS and lights question

Post by SuperDukeGT » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:20 am

GPS mount is worth the money as it simplifies installation. Of course, if you had access to a CNC machine, you could build your own out of aluminum.

I replaced the halogen headlight for a Cyclops LED headlight. Seemed simple enough but it was very time consuming. Dismantling the headlight from the headstock is the easiest route to go.

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Re: New member - GPS and lights question

Post by eXiLe88 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:50 am

The GPS mount

I like it but it can be a bit wobbly at speed, still it is by far the best placement possible. Some guys fabricated their mounts but the KTM mount is decent and it rotates, remember you will have to take it apart to put the holder (I had to for the Rider 450). But no issues and just behing the cluster you have 2 fastons for power so it is super-easy install

For the lights...

I used the GT at night but never in pitch black roads (there was some moonlight and some lighting at least) but I cannot really complain about the OEM light. The really nice thing is how wide the beam is, the range is good but you need to be awake to focus on the distance.
The High beam is very good so only real complaints are on the low beam but even so I think a better H4 bulb might improve things more than a LED bulb.
Consider that the reflector is not optimal for LED light in the first place and on various forums some people went back to classic bulb after some time

Also I might add some accessories I found important in the 12.500km

- Engine bars or sliders. The front of the tank and the sidepods are quite wide and expensive if
you drop the bike (the side stand is pure EVIL)

Also I use the engine guards as highway pegs

- Radiator Guard (It saved my ass twice already)

- Handguards (I used Acerbis DualRoad but there are many options)

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