linked brakes

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linked brakes

Post by steve59 » Sat May 13, 2017 2:52 pm

is it possible to adjust the amount of pressure applied to the back brakes when using the front? I don't touch the brake pedal yet the back pads are gone and I have to squeeze hard to slow my bike in fact last night the two finger pull resulted in NO action. Since I only use the front naturally I bought front pads and went to work only to find they have almost no wear while the back pads are gone! in a perfect world the fronts would share some of the load.

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Re: linked brakes

Post by DaveNZ » Sat May 13, 2017 8:52 pm

May be your rear brake has been draging, on my 1290R i replaced the worn front pads at 12,000Ks and no wear on the rear, my 1290GT looks like its going the same way, front pads as i would expect, are the brakes linked??
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Re: linked brakes

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun May 14, 2017 12:37 am

I was not aware of any linking with this model.......linked brakes were something Honda used because it was cheaper than ABS technology........but correct me if I'm wrong on this as I thought we only had ABS on these Kat's .

The two finger squeeze should have you stopping hard.......there's got to be a problem with your system :shock:

One thing I can mention about excessive pad evaporation....... I noticed my Brembo brakes on my Caponord 1200 TP had sharp unfinished edges on the drilled holes in the disk rotors and they were beginning to eat the pads fast......I put a slight bevel on the Capo12's disk's by hand twirling a sharp/new drill bit on each 'hole' in the rotor (while attached to the wheel) - this simple/cheap action dramatically reduced the rapid pad wear I detected on that bike - I had also seen this many years before with replacement "EBC" rotors which ate a set of front pads on an FZR1000 genesis. I took the rotors off and put a proper bevelled edge using a drill press and tool - excessive wear = gone ;)

I've not noticed the same rapid pad wear on the KTM - the disk's drilled holes seem to be better finished than those on the Italian machine, though I've only got 5,000kms up so I'm still watching.......

There may be an air pocket in your brake lines/ABS pump, which could cause the pads to grip as the lines heat up while riding - might also be a problem with the rear caliper sticking on (grit etc).... definitely not normal pad wear behaviour ;) and I'd be alarmed with the loss of front brake performance/lever pressure..... :shock:
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Re: linked brakes

Post by Charliektm400exc » Sun May 14, 2017 5:10 am

The ABS and computer send some pressure to the rear brake if only the front is used in hard braking, so that's what they mean by linked, at least thats how it is on my 1290SA

However my rear brake came on all by itself one day and cooked the disk, pads and fluid. KTM replaced under warranty. Bike just ground to a halt while riding.

There is a guy on another board, can't remember which who had the same thing as me with his rear brake. KTM also replaced his.

Not sure what the cause was, but it's clearly rare as we are the only two reporting on the net.

Maybe your's was a less severe of the same thing and your brake was on a little bit, enough to wear, but not enough to cook things.

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Re: linked brakes

Post by Volvor » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:59 pm

Did you ever get your brakes sorted? There’s a recall on 1290 sdr and 1290 sdgt’s 15-18 front master cylinder piston can crack causing front brake reduced function. I’ll wager money you have a cracked piston in the front master cylinder. Dealers will replace the needed internal parts a no cost to us.

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