Possible source of a "fork knocking" style noise...check it out

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Possible source of a "fork knocking" style noise...check it out

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:38 am

:o ......yep, I was goofing off on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon instead of doing super human jobs around the house.......and I noticed the fuel hose connector (under left tank spoiler) was bumping against the cam/valve cover...... the bit that was touching was the plastic 90Deg connector and it made a hollow 'tok-tok' type noise when I touched/moved it ....... a bit of a stretch, I know, but it was very similar to fork knocking/steering head bearing style noises.

So I cable tied it to the wiring loom above it, just enough so that it was not able to bump on the valve cover.

Yet to be road tested ;) .......and probably not the real source of the odd fork/brake style clunk/tock noise, but a simple and easy elimination of one possible irritant.

Had a look at my chain tension and checked tyre pressures, fluid's (all ok) and added 20ml of demineralised water to my coolant tank (that pissy little cap washer only just seals the catch tank's lid.....but it has been ok for over 5,000kms until just recently dropping a little below the min mark).

There, maintenance completed, time for food...... :lol:
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