fuel pump or fuel filter fail

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Re: fuel pump or fuel filter fail

Post by Aussie Dave » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:25 pm

Cheers mate.......the vibes either smooth out after a couple of thousand miles or you just get used to them :lol:

Mine is quite smooth around 4500rpms ......that's where it hangs in 5th at highway speeds (can't use 6th as it needs 125kph or better for the motor to feel happy.......nobody has any cogs in Aus for the Gt, so mine is a 5 speeder while the eyes are upon me ;) ).

I was concerned with the metal pegs at first.......never had them on any bike before......but they are fine and I get no vibes through my boots, and the bars are as good as any prev bikes too.......but the Caponord 1200 was outstandingly smooth - even considering it was a lumpy V2......it was a super smooth thing ;)
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