2019 SDGT replacement starter switch block

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2019 SDGT replacement starter switch block

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun May 26, 2019 11:23 pm

G'day all, just been reading a recent post about 'no electricity' ...... turns out some 19 models have a switchblock that has been wired by the supplier using very short wiring which might rub and short out causing non starting issues.

If anyone has noticed a total blackout - might be worth asking your dealer for the revised part - the starter switchblock is totally new compared to the earlier SDGT swith gear as the cruise control has moved over to the left...... I've no idea if it's a big issue or just a few unlucky strikes..... but there is a new part number out.


Here's the post with the part numbers...... seems to be just a new component production issue and hopefully only a few bikes are affected - KTM prob already have a service bulletin out for dealers to inspect.


I got the bike back a few days ago but didn't post without a decent road test in case the issues returned. They haven't.

The dealer replaced the Race-On tip switch (start button) with a new one. They told me the wires are so small and exactly the right length that there is zero clearance once the switch housing is tightened down on the handlebar. With vibration, the wires rub together and almost short out causing the failure since everything ie: steering lock and gas cap are linked to that button. If the wires are pinched just enough a few different problems can occur. In my case, the "short" would actually shut the bike off once stopped. A side of the road attempt might be to loosen the switch housing and wiggle the housing a bit to find a sweet spot. If this works, the yellow dash light will acknowledge with one flash. This is the time to ride to the dealer to get the switch replaced under warranty.

As incorrectly pointed out in this thread, a partially discharged battery will not cause this erratic behaviour. The dealer also mentioned that transformer stations will not cause interference but a line of sight cell tower might.

One interesting thing that was not explained is the fact that the KTM part number of the switch has been changed.
Old part # 61411174000
New part # 61411174100

I hope this helps anyone with key issues in the future and thank you for all the input!

Ride safe!!"
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