2019 SD-GT Overheating Discrepancy

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2019 SD-GT Overheating Discrepancy

Post by scenepointjudge » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:57 pm

Good day guys and gals,

My name is Kevin, I'm new here, and I am also new to the world of KTM. I have been in the market for a sport touring bike for quite a while, and have finally decided on a Super Duke GT. Yesterday, I took a drive to go check out and test ride a brand new 2019 GT. Everything went off without a hitch, and I really did enjoy the bike. However, after riding the bike for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, I noticed temperatures getting a little warm. By the time I pulled off the country road I was on, the temperature bar was pegged full hot with a corresponding overtempersture warning light. I dismounted in a parking lot, and immediately noticed coolant pissing out of the supply hose on the right side of the bike. I figured it was either not set up properly, and that hose was not tightened down upon assembly, or it vibrated loose. Eventually, we got the bike back to the dealership, and I went on my way, frustrated. The dealership did their investigation, and noticed that and the packing cardboard that goes over the radiator was never removed prior to me taking the bike out for a ride.

I do not know how these bikes are designed to perform when they overheat. Back pressure in that flex hose because of insufficient airflow? Either way, my question to you guys and gals is this: what damage, if any, could have been caused by riding a brand new SD-GT with 0 miles on the odometer under overheating circumstances for 10 to 15 minutes.

Naturally, I am a bit apprehensive to go purchase that particular motorcycle. However, I do have a now have negotiating room for price as well as an extended warranty. I am just concerned about any long term damage that could possibly loom.

Any input is very much appreciated, and I apologize for the novel.

Ride safe.

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Re: 2019 SD-GT Dealer Failed To Remove Packing Cover From Radiator For Test Ride

Post by Aussie Dave » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:42 am

G'day Kevin, and anyone reading this forum thread,.......

Saw your post over on the more active KTM Forum site....... you have already gone and purchased another SDGT from a different dealer so this post is history. It also serves no purpose - the dealer fked up on one demo bike's prep (probably overexcited to have another sale....... :roll: )

For any body browsing this forum or reading a Google extract..... SDGT's do not overheat or run hot. This case was caused by the demo bike being ridden still with the radiator shipping cover on the radiator. A big oops by the dealer team...... probably caused no harm as the rider spotted the temp warning and quickly stopped.

Just posting to stop any undeserved concern's for those considering buying an SDGT.

PS I have just had the KTM software upgrade done to my 2017 SDGT as part of a scheduled service and the suspension is now as it always should have been....... riding home after my 15,000km service, i was amazed how much better the bike was - so much so that I was joking to myself that they had given me someone else's bike....... but they hadn't and I am even more super happy with my 17GT :D .

I'm off on a 3000km tour over 7 days with my upgraded suspension damping and brand new PR5 tyres..... life's great eh :mrgreen:
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Re: 2019 SD-GT Overheating Discrepancy

Post by jjscsix » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:39 pm

Thanks Dave for your follow up. I’m getting warnings coming up when I try to go to the other KTM forum. Anyone else getting this? Is says it could be a site impersonating the other site in order to steal information.
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