Hello from Toronto

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Hello from Toronto

Post by Allans65 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:31 pm

I have had a number of KTM's over the years, my first being a 2 stroke 400 in 1773 which I rode in the Roof of Africa rally. My most recent being a 1090 Adventure R. I decided i wanted to some touring so I bought a BMW k1600 B last year and have been reasonably happy with it but like what I've read about the 2019 GT and want to get my hands on that "madman " engine. I am waiting for the 2020 models before pulling the trigger and joined here as I've found forums to be the best place to get the "real" skinny on whats good and not so good in a particular bike. looking forward to learning from all of you!

mick shere
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Re: Hello from Toronto

Post by mick shere » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:19 am

Looking forward to you're decision

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Re: Hello from Toronto

Post by Aussie Dave » Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:39 am

G'day Allan65....... I'm a Dave62 (next month)..... but I have a 2017 1290SDGT with just over 20k kms now.

It's on the sporty side of sport touring, but is one super competent sport tourer. The seat is hard, but can be made more comfortable with a sheep skin or gel pad in place, or the power parts KTM ergo seat (with heating). The big tank is good for 400kms range. It is light (233kg wet), has great brakes, and superb lights both ends. :D

In 2020 there will only be a new model '1290 Super Adventure Sport' with side fuel tanks (like the 790AdvR) - the SDGT has had it's 3yr model make-over (2019). The SAS model has a centre stand standard, unlike the magical SDGT which only has a side stand and cannot be fitted with an onboard centre stand.

So try for a test ride or three...... the SAS has only 10kw less than the SDGT's 130kw peak power so they are both very strong...... the SDGT has 825mm seat height vs the SAS at 840mm if that is an issue.

The motor's are strong (they make 150 Hp at the rear wheel on a dyno which = 170hp/130kw on an engine dyno), but the gearing is very tall (for Germany's open speed limited Autobarn's). The big 17t front sprocket makes the motor feel very torque'y, maybe even a little touchy in urban conditions..... not really an issue, just something to keep in mind...... and it's so easy to adjust the gearing to whatever you feel you need when you get some miles under your new KTM. The throttle is very 'normal' unlike some other RBW efforts - interestingly, I just read a post on the Aprilia Caponord 1200 forum (which complained BITTERLY about jerky RBW throttles), and an owner simply adjusted his cable slack to gain smooth/non jerky throttle response..... :o ..... but my KTM has always had a nice smooth throttle :D .

My 17SDGT uses no oil and has never let me down. It is reasonably easy to DIY service (oil & filter/airfilter), but scheduled servicing is tied to the dealers laptop for warranty and updates etc like most new age bikes.

In Australia, all stock of 2019 SDGT's have been sold out..... new stock is not expected before May2020 and the new model Super Adv Sport might be late 2020...... so you may have a long wait ahead if you miss out on a true 2019 SDGT........ see pic below for the difference in case some dealers are advertising old models as 2019 models..... Ps that's a 2018 vs 2019 model comparo... note the typo - there was never a 2015 SDGT.
2019 SDGT AMCN Test Nov 2018.jpeg (4).jpeg
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