1290 Superduke r Grab Rail

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Re: 1290 Superduke r Grab Rail

Post by rayoss232 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:12 pm

Dellis wrote:
Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:24 am
The grab rail saga continues... My 1190 Adventure was in for service, I left it with the dealer and went home on a 790 Duke, when I got home I thought to myself "that grab rail will fit my 1290" did some measuring and bought a 790 grab rail.

I milled some brackets for the front mounts, have sleeved down the rear mounting holes and have made some sleeves for the front mounts so the bolts don’t float in the frame tubes. It’s solid as a rock and looks really good.

I bought a damaged 1290 side panel to use as a sacrificial part to make the cutouts to clear the rail then I can make a template to cut the originals. There’s enough clearance to fit the panels so it should look like a factory job when it’s done.

All in all I’m pretty pleased.



G'day Dave any of these kits left ? I know it's been a while.....

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Re: 1290 Superduke r Grab Rail

Post by Downing11 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:21 pm

Hey Dave. I’d like to purchase some brackets but I can’t find them on EBay. Could you send me an email? wedowningjr@yahoo.com. Thx

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