Akrapovic slip on part numbers question

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Akrapovic slip on part numbers question

Post by Kcal » Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:34 am

For the ti akrapovic slip on, the power parts catalog has 2 part numbers

61405979000 says it fits 2017 SDR and 2016-2017 GT
61305979100 says it fits 2014-2016 SDR

Looks like the graphic and font on the side of the can is different. My guess is the 614 can is Euro4 compliant so has the non-removable baffle.

I unfortunately or fortunately won both on eBay so need to figure out which one is best to keep for my 2017 SDR

The model 61305979100 came with it's baffle carefully removed and all in perfect condition so I installed it.
The model 61405979000 came with baffle still installed
Both are lightly used with no other issues.

Anyone know the difference in part numbers and why one would be "for" the 2017 year only?

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