Annoying "miss'

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Annoying "miss'

Post by Bootworks » Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:40 am

My SMT has undergone all of Kev's mods, it's been a joy. Recently it has developed an engine 'miss' that's most annoying, particularly when committed at a perilous lean angle. This is happening at random anywhere between 4,500 and 5,500rpm, and on one occasion the bike left me stranded. The 'fault code' that night essentially said 'ECU not communicating with the fuel injection'. I removed one of the O2 sensor eliminators, wiggled some wires in the connector and it finally re-started and took me home. The connectors have been cleaned and a bit of dielectric grease applied, and it was fine for a while. The symptoms feel as if it were fuel starvation, but the fuel filter has been replaced recently.

I spoke to my Dynojet tech about this and he tells me he's never seen one fail before, but I'm ordering a replacement just in case. He mentioned the sidestand switch could be going out, so I have a switch eliminator on the way as well. Today I cleaned and checked connections made when I installed the PCV & AT-300 and took the bike on a 65 mile ride. It was fine until a few miles from home, when the miss returned for a bit, then disappeared again (?)

Other than the sidestand switch, any thoughts as to what may be causing this 'miss'?

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Re: Annoying "miss'

Post by r0bb0mc » Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:49 pm

I had similar intermittent miss on my SMT.. Drove me nuts and got worse over time.. Tried to fix by replacing filters, side stand switch, maps, pipes... Eventually proved to be the fuel pump. The bike hasn't missed a beat in the last 6 months since pump was replaced. Not saying you have same exact problem, just letting you know about my experience.

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