Front wheel alignment?

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Front wheel alignment?

Post by buddhabiker » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:15 am

I had my 2017 SDR (in the USA) on the OEM rear stand. While lowering the bike, It fell over on the right side, because the forks were locked to the left. Boy, do I feel dumb!

After that, the front wheel looked crooked in relation to the front fender and handlebars, but the bars seemed unbent. I’ve had this happen on dirt bikes, so, I watched some YouTube videos and loosened all the triple tree and axle pinch bolts. I put the front tire between my knees and straightened the front wheel as best I could by eye, then torqued everything to specs. I have about 1,400 miles on the bike. I even cycled the front suspension as was suggested in some internet posts.

But now, when I take my hands off the bars, at any speed and road, unless I maintain some light pressure forward on the left handgrip, the bike wants to lean slightly to the right and slowly goes right.

Also, the tire wear on both the front and rear tires are not exactly in the center of the tire tread. Frankly, before the fall, I never had ridden it with my hands off the bars, so I don’t the know if it always did this.

Some people say all bikes in the USA do this due to the crown in the road slanting off to the right.

What do you guys think? Is there a precise way to center the front tire? Could I have bent the forks, or just twisted them in the triple trees? Could I have bent the steering stabilizer? Could I have twisted the swingarm? Something else?

I’m afraid to keep riding it this way as I don’t want to damage my tires, but I’m afraid how extensive or expensive the damage might be. I’m low on funds, so I might have to file it as an insurance claim if it’s going to be an expensive fix. Thoughts, advice?

Thank you VERY much in advance for your help!

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big tall dave
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Re: Front wheel alignment?

Post by big tall dave » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:14 pm

In the past i’ve had dirt bikes with twisted forks and I just loosened the triple clamp bolts and everything straightened out on its own. Never dropped or had a problem with my SD but the seem pretty strong and i’d be really surprised if the frame could be bent dropping it in the driveway. Maybe have a friend hold your bike upright and try holding a long straight edge on each side of the rear tire (a few inches off the ground) and measuring the distance on each side of the front wheel?

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