18 SDR Handlebar position

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18 SDR Handlebar position

Post by jgiachino » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:20 pm

Found out today that I cant rotate the controls (buttons housing) on either side of the bars because they're pegged onto the handlebars (what dealer said)....mine are way to rotated forward / high....eg horn button is where I think turn signal button should be...

Obviously I can rotate the bars back - which I'm guessing I'll do...but out of curiosity:

1) Can anyone send a pic of their stock setting bar's with the hash marks so I can see the angle they should have been set at?
2) What bar position is stock? eg forward holes or rearward holes? What's preferred for non racing application?

Thanks, easy problem to have...
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Re: 18 SDR Handlebar position

Post by Daniro » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:48 pm

Check Owners manual, you have section about position of the handlebars and ergonomy. I set my handlebar clamp on front mounting holes on tripleclamp as recommended for track use ( since i do track day every month) and rotated bars forward to -1 mark. Check yours and see where is the mark and you can play with it until you make it comfortable for you. It will take a few tries until you hit the sweet spot.

Rear mounting holes is how the bike comes stock, and rotation mark 0 is for the handlebar.
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