1290 Power Commander V Custom maps

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Re: 1290 Power Commander V Custom maps

Post by m4j2t » Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:33 pm

I realize this thread is probably dead, but just in case...

I just looked on the Rottweiler website, and I saw they are charging $50USD for maps. That seems a little steep, so I’m looking elsewhere. I’m also looking for the hack to get into the advanced Autotune options; as that was posted years ago, I’m wondering if there’s been a firmware update to enable this. I haven't opened the software, so I’ll have to do that and have a look. I, m not currently in my home town, and there’s about 16 inches of snow outside my garage, so I’ve got time. It seems like that's a better option than running the AT full time; I’m still looking into all of this...

I’m also considering using my map switch to turn the AT on and off instead of switching between maps. I use this bike for canyon carving, but occasionally I go on multi day/long distance rides, and I’d like to gain some milage economy. If I get a good map for my bike/region, (I can make one on the highway going over the continental divide 7000’ to 12000’ all uphill, no deceleration) would it be better to just run that all the time and switch on the AT to trim it for fuel economy when I’m cruising the high valley highways?

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