Cold startup engine noise?

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Cold startup engine noise?

Post by Drnick » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:11 am

2016 1290 SDR: bike has 5000 miles, runs great, no issues,upon starting motor when it is cold, I hear, what sounds like tappet noise?, then when it warms up, it goes away, and sounds like your typical KTM V twin, is this normal for this bike?

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Re: Cold startup engine noise?

Post by Aussie Dave » Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:06 am

G'day drnick..... sorry no one has been answering on this forum...... there had been a couple of system faults over 2019 and I think a lot of members migrated to the other forums. Some might filter back now everything is working again......

I can't say your startup noise is normal or excessive...... but it is a good sign that it quietens with heat as the oil expands from 10W to 50W. It's probably just the noise the finger followers make until they get covered in oil...... manufacturers design motors with finger followers as they allow higher rpms than the older school cam on shim bucket in oil bath designs..... this may be what you can hear.

If the oil is over 5000kms old it may be degraded enough to have lost some viscosity and thus make the engine thrash/rattle more on cold start up....... if worried, try some new oil with a filter (I see there are good accessory filters avail now eg 'Hi Flow' brand...... I use them in my Blackbird, or K&N).

Over here in Brisbane Australia we don't get snow temps so I use 15w50 Motorex Top Speed and have been changing t every 5k kms..... but I know it will last for 7500kms (half book interval) as other Aussies use that for their change point........ but I also know that none of the oils marketed will last 15,000kms (9000mls) without causing some wear to the cam shafts or finger followers. Also, KTM uses oil jets to lubricate the camshafts (like Suzuki), instead of splashing in an oil bath...... so worn/dirty/contaminated/degraded oil might cause a blockage to a jet and possibly wear a cam surface - but on the very few occasions this has been reported, no one heard any noises..... and some were claimed to be caused by small bits of gasket material.......

I also tried some Motul 5100 10w50 in my 17GT for an experiment as I had very black oil after a 3000km trip, and with 2000kms to go to the next schedule warranty service, I figured I'd test it for fun. I thought it made my motor sound more rattly on start up....... so back to Motorex 4T Top Speed at the service ;) .

I'm heading for the 30k km major service in less than 3000kms so I'll be interested to hear what my KTM tech says about my motor's internals (clearances/wear/compression etc)...... but mine sounds normal on cold start..... ie, some natural mechanical sounds until it goes quiet with temperature.

:) PS The oem mufler is very very quiet and has a lot of Db restriction via the cat box and the Db killer tube in the end cap of the muffler..... it reduces from 3 fingers wide at the cat to only 2 fingers wide at the pretty end...... so you could look into a louder muffler if the start up noise still bothers you ;)
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