SAMCO coolant hoses for SMT

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SAMCO coolant hoses for SMT

Post by Elvis » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:37 am

One of my original coolant hoses was leaking coolant and was easily fixed by cutting the edge of it and plug it back to the radiator.
I lost trust in the hoses and usually from experience if one is leaking the rest will follow.

I found this company

And also found a user here that installed a SAMCO KTM kit on his but he reported some "tolerances"issue

SAMCO doesn't have SMT kit but they do have kits for the 990 adventure (P/N KTM-13) and 990 SM (P/N KTM-12)
my logic say they all should be the same but it seems they are not so my question is which kit will fit better to the SMT?

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