Changing motor oil in Senegal

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Changing motor oil in Senegal

Post by darco » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:27 am

Hello to all.

I am touring Europe and Western Africa and I'm reaching the point of changing my oil when i arrive in Senegal.

Two questions arise:

1. Does anyone know of a service shop in Senegal, where I can change my oil and I can source an oil filter kit and oil?

2. As a backup option, I bought a 4lt Venol 10w-60 synthetic oil in a KTM rental shop in Merzouga, Morocco. What is everyone's opinion if change the oil my self and use the old oil filters and screen (cleaned with benzine or something)? I will use the motorcycle for approx 5000 Km on this setup and then change the oil at an official service shop in Casablanca, Morocco.

Any other idea is most welcome.

Thanks to all.


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