Filter contemplations

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Filter contemplations

Post by Cozakdenni » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:29 pm

First off, apologies in advance because this subject has been talked about numerous times, but I'm looking for advice about my 2011 SMT.

Im in doubt about getting an airbox and remap this winter.
I've switched my rear sprocket to a +1 last month, wich was a great upgrade for smoothing it out on lower RPM's, but im thinking im looking for a bit more.(and the remap also because ive read a bit about the SMT not unleashing its potential on stock map, especially in 2cond and 3rd gear?)

Now the challenge is i've found a whole bunch of options, from the 550 dollar DNA airbox, the rottweiler, and just a racing filter with open filter case sides ( )

Im just not sure what the most bang for buck would be, since my budget is fairly roomy but nowhere near infinite (especially after the 30k service i had last month, including new chainset and tires :shock: )
Is going for an airbox the next logical step towards making this awesome bike even awesome-er, or should I look in different directions first (maybe getting a tuneECU and getting one of the maps on here).

Also, I remember reading something about changing the throttle for a bit less sensitive response, and removing SAS (mostly in combination with air boxes i think?) Is this something you guys advise to do, especially for a fairly novice tinkerer?

Again, apologies for beating the dead horse, but there's so much stuff on this forum that I can't really make up my mind anymore :oops: :roll:

Thanks in advance!

Magic Wand
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Re: Filter contemplations

Post by Magic Wand » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:12 pm

Hi "Cozakdenni"

Demount the original air box to an open filter system (like ITG, Rottweiler or similar) and mount other silencers (Wings?) and remap.

If you don´t want to remove the air box, I suggest you to replace to an air filter and "triangular" air filter at the side of the air box. Buy from "".
Then remap.


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