16 Tooth sprocket

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Re: 16 Tooth sprocket

Post by jhalfhide » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:35 am

I'm currently running a 16T but will be changing back to a 17T soon. My only issue with 17T was holding the bike at key UK speed limits. We have 50Mph average speed cameras and 70Mph speed cameras on the motorways. At these speeds the bike seemed to want to sit in between 5th/6th so I tried the 16T. It's better for those speeds but I do a lot of motorway mileage and the bike is just too frantic at 100Mph.
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Re: 16 Tooth sprocket

Post by limeyduffa » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:18 pm

Most of our roads in SA are less than 100 and I seldom use 6th gear. . but I like the stock ratio.

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