2016 gt quickshifter

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2016 gt quickshifter

Post by Peterhodgson » Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:43 pm

Hi there I purchased a 2016 1290gt when I scroll through the menu I see the quickshifter is on however it does not work and I would quite like it to.
My question is
Was the quickshifter standard equipment on the 2016 bike or do I have to pay to have it activated?

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Re: 2016 gt quickshifter

Post by Superdave99 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 4:31 am

it came standard on the GT it works great the harder your getting into it when shifting above 6k rpm's. you have to be accelerating. if your just ez on the throttle it is choppy or doesnt work right. My 16SDGT just over 32k miles and going strong. still gives me plenty of grins :D :D :D

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Re: 2016 gt quickshifter

Post by Aussie Dave » Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:34 am

G'day PeterH,

Sometimes the quickshifter is disabled when KTM tech's load new updates. It may be worth asking if the system has been knocked out at a previous service. If your 16GT is new..... the dealer is probably waiting for the first service to activate the QS..... though my dealer told me mine was already activated when I picked up the bike.

I had the 2019 ECU upgrade done recently, and that has transformed my 17GT's suspension damping as well as making it run nicer....... though I haven't used my QS as the clutch is so nice anyway, but I do hear the little pop the exhaust makes as I clutch+change gears like before when I had been using the QS..... so I think my system has been re-engaged correctly after the ECU upgrade.

If you haven't had the 19ECU flash done for your 16 model (or are unaware of it)...... book it in and make sure you ASK for the 2019 ECU upgraded software....... also, while it's there, ask for the QS to be activated again.

The 'UPGRADE' to 19 spec software does not show on the dealers system as an upgrade (I know..... words are very similar to us, but mean different things to the KTM desk jockey's...... so they might tell you 'your bike is up to date' when it isn't).

You will know if the UPGRADE has been done - you will be happily riding in Comfort damping without any vague floaty feeling. Sport will be sporty but more compliant than the prev rock hard feeling. The software works 3x faster and adds rebound damping that was missing in the oem 16-18 system (and more).

This is a one off free software offer from KTM and is not reversible (but who would want the old 16-18 software anyway?)....... I've had mine installed for 3000kms now and can say it's totally fixed the suspension - so much so, that I say it feels as good as the Ohlins I have on my CBR1100XX.

It also changes some other engine maps..... and my GT feels way better than before it was upgraded.

The dealership may charge 30mins labour to download and install, but the actual software is a freebie from KTM. Worth every dollar I reckon...... just for info..... I've got 17.5k kms up on my 17GT - had the 19ECU upgrade done at 14.5k kms as part of the 15k km scheduled service just before I took off on a 2700km trip which was a blast on some of Aussie's very best bike roads....... it would have been badly compromised by the old software...... so I'm super happy to have scored that upgrade in early June.
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