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Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:51 pm
by Mich69
Hi all,

I got myself a 2012 SMT with 34K on the clock after selling my Z1000 from 2009.
I have been in search for the perfect bike and I think I have finally found it!
What a great bike this is, I love twin engines. I have been riding tubular Buells (an M2 and an X1) for 9 years, I loved the looks, torque and the sensation of the Milwaukee twin. I have spent a fortune on my Buells to keep them going, they take a lot of TLC and cash. The love hate relation I had with the brand made me decide to go for a jap bike again.After that I had a ZRX1100, subtle engine with nice grunt for a 4 cylinder, but on the twisties the bike was too heavy to keep up with the super sports, also the suspension wasn't really fit for the job. After that I had a Tuono with a full Akra and Gabro eprom from 2005, great steering, untamed engine. Great for on the track, a rodeo horse for easy touring. A Tuono is a great race bike, but difficult to drive slowly. After that I had a Z1000 from 2009, full Akra a PCV and it had been on the Dyno. Subtle bike and very easy to ride, it did everything well but in the end it was simply too goody goody. No thrill, too less grunt for a decent power wheelie.I took it to Scotland in the beginning of May, one of my mates was riding a 1290 KTM Super Adventure. That bike really goes. Anyone with a license can crank out a fast road lap on this monster. The power and the suspension are incredibly well controlled by the electronics, it is insane. The engine is great too. So when I cam back I was longing for either a MT09 or an SMT. The MT09 is a fun bike but the suspension is like a rubber band, really really poor and dangerous if you ask me if you want to give the bike a run for its money. The engine is sheer fun. And than I came across this SMT. What a thrill. Great suspension, lovely engine with enough torque to get you going and lift the front wheel with just a twist form the right wrist, great ergonomics, light weight, great looks, beautifully crafted, the quality drips from the bike. And fantastic handling. All I was looking for in a bike. I hear people complaining about the harsh gas response. My bike is completely stock and compared to my Tuono and Buells, it is silky smooth. I am going to be doing the mods though, take the 2nd flies out and load a proper map, set up the suspension, but other than that this bike is already perfect imho.


This forum contains a lot of very very useful information, I have learned a lot already. The audience is quite technical and hands on, my cup of tea.
About myself, built in 69, family and all, born and raised in Amsterdam but moved 9 years ago to a house with a garden and a garage (yes!) in a place called Aalsmeer right next to Amsterdam.
I got my OBD cable arriving tomorrow, I am sure I might ask you guys for some help if the search function fails me.
Regards, Michel

Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:50 am
by jhalfhide
Do the airbox replacement. It's just the best mod ever [THUMBS UP SIGN]

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Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:00 pm
by Magic Wand
Hi "Mich69"! and welcome to the party 8-)

Do one really have to replace the complete air filter box?

Someone tried this MWR air filter?

MWR also provide "triangel air filters" instead of the side covers - might be worth a try(?)


Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:32 am
by Mich69
My experience with airboxes is that changing it doesn't influence the power or torque that much. If it does it is usually at the higher rpm regions. Besides, the intake noise will increase. Some people adore this, some don't. I am with the last group :lol: I had my share with my Buell and the Forecewinder airfilter, deafening to say the least. For now I am going to keep my bike stock with regard to the exhaust and airfilter. I no longer want a "noisy" bike. Got to be the age ;) More a hearing problem. Wear ear plugs when you need them kids, not when it is too late :roll:

But on the KTM, what is the main advantage of changing the airbox?
Does it fit in a row of mods or is it also a good standalone mod?

Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:06 am
by jhalfhide
I'm running an ITG airbox, secondary flies removed, SAS Removed and uploaded a map. Still running standard exhausts due to funds (house extension).

The intake noise is very nice but not overly loud compared to just exhausts. What has massively improved is the rate at which the revs climb, and the smoothness in which they do. Of everything I've ever done on a bike, this is the best.

Corner entry is also massively improved because of less engine braking.

I had a 990 SMR years ago, sadly stolen. I wish I'd known about this mod back then as it's improved the SMT to the point where there is nothing I'd currently swap it for.

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Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:48 pm
by Mich69
Nice mods. So the airbox was the one that made the biggest noticeable difference?
In that case....... I might coop with the additional noise after all.....
But for now my aim is to tweak the engine with the bits I have got. Done the sec flies last night, test ride this evening 8-) I probably need to fiddle with the TPS value but when that is sorted I will wait until winter time with further tweaks.
But for now I enjoy every bit of the SMT. It is such an easy bike to work on, the tank is removed- and put back on easily, love the torx bolts, how the hole bike is put the together, beautiful. Even the standard tool bag is suitable for doing most of the work. So far so very good.

Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:24 pm
by Mich69
Fitted a 16t front sprocket. I can only repeat what has been said before Excellent! Got new brakepads today. Genuine Brembo Toshiba pads :? Toshiba? The KTM logo is printed on the container, must be genuine I guess. When time permits I'm going to put them in next week. Than I'm all set for the Assen TT and drive without any further maintenance until the winter season.

Re: Finally found what I was looking for

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:01 pm
by kennykjam
Welcome to the forum Mich69.
I am also riding a KTM SMT around the Amsterdam region.
The only problem with the bike is that there are not enough good twisty roads nearby to ride it on!!
If you know any routes better than the dykes between
Durgerdam -> Marken -> Monnickendam -> Hoorn -> Enkhuizen, then let me know !!