SMT to GS?

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Re: SMT to GS?

Post by jmh » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:10 pm

GS is for traveling long distances, possibly 2 up, in comfort, with luggage; without becoming fatigued. I'd rather a FJR1300.

I'd love a XR or Super Duke GT. But as said 160bhp, the 115 I've on the SMT is more than enough for me. I use every one of them every day. Sure, sometimes I'd like more, but if I had them I'd use them. And 115bhp is more than enough for on the road, while keeping you licence.
If I lived in Europe, there is the space to make full use of 160, with more safety.

Really I'd love the 24L fuel tank of the GT, on my SMT. I did think about a GS, or so, but every time I take the SMT out, when I hit 6,000rpm I'm reminded why I love it. Every time, in the 20,000miles I've put on it now, it makes me smile, like the day I bought it and rode it home like a hooligan.

But for the price, I've not found anything I could swap my SMT for that would meet all the needs, as it does.

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Re: SMT to GS?

Post by Revelstoker » Fri May 05, 2017 5:56 am

When I am off the SMT and looking at it, I want to trade it in. Now, if I could put the ADVR fairing on the SMT, I would be happy. I think of a GS or Tiger but when I ride them, they leave me with MEH!

I get on the SMT and I instantly remember why I bought it. The bike is just that good. Now that I have a proper set of tires on the bike, I am even happier. The torque, speed, handling and all in a package that doesn't torture my 6'2" frame.

Whether commuting, long rides or an occasional track day- the bike just works.

I would really like a RC8. IMO, the only thing holding the bikes back from selling in larger numbers- wonky styling. They need to fire the Austrian design team and poach Ducati's design team.

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Re: SMT to GS?

Post by Gimlet » Fri May 05, 2017 8:16 am

Hopefully my SMT will be sold on Saturday and pending that sale I've got a returnable deposit down on an 1190 Adv.
I love my SMT and I will be extremely sorry to see it go but it isn't the sporty tourer I want. It copes with touring but it doesn't excel. It excels at charging around B roads and back lanes and weekend trips. I want to load it up with luggage, ride it to the Pyrenees and scrapes its pegs then load it up and ride it on to somewhere else. It'll do the peg scraping bit but the stuff in between isn't really what the SMT is for. In an ideal world I'd keep it and get the 1190 as well but I can't.
I spent my first six months of SMT ownership wondering what all the fuss was about and thinking I might have made a mistake.
First the brake pads disintegrated, then the water pump gasket went, then the headstock bearings collapsed, then the clutch slave followed by the master-cylinder seals. It only had 7500 miles on it. I thought I'd bought a two-wheeled Landrover. And it was drinking oil. Didn't handle very well either. Terrible head shake which I just couldn't dial out.

I'm lucky I've got a very good and inexpensive independent workshop near me which used to be a KTM off-road franchise so I've got factory trained mechanics at a fraction of the price of a main dealer. They fixed all the mechanical problems at the first service and the bill was a pleasant surprise. It was sweet engine I was told which should be capable of huge miles. It was running on the wrong grade of oil. They told me what I should be using and the consumption halved. The tyres I'd chosen were no good so I changed those and the headshakes vanished. Then I took it for a suspension set-up and I had a completely different bike.
Then I did the airbox and exhausts and had a re-map... What I've got now is the finished article. It took a little persistence but not a great deal of cash to turn an also-ran into a rorty, sweet-running, utterly dependable and superb-handling bike. If I didn't already have a Superduke for larking about on I'd never be letting it go. At least its replacement will be another KTM.
The 1190's got its issues too. the seat, the screen.. And I genuinely do like the GS. A lot of people are very sniffy about them but I find something pleasing about the boxer engine and just the way the whole thing works. I think I'd enjoy owning a GS but when the two are side by side its the 1190 I want to jump on and ride.

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