becoming orange - daily observations

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becoming orange - daily observations

Post by passiv » Mon May 23, 2016 12:17 am

Hi again,

so i've bought the SMT on friday :mrgreen: (akrapovic fitted, low mileage)

as i'm 6'4" , with riding boots and knee protectors i don't fit my knees under the tank well, so i'm going to do some upgrades :
1. SMR seat - sent mail to local dealer and asked for availability

2. ordered 40mm adjustable pegs ... gQ&vxp=mtr
(hope it fits :D )

3. also coming from naked i expected reduced wind/noise in my helmet, but with the givi screen, this is not the case (i believe it also reflected wasp right into my neck on todays ride - b*tch has bitten me :D )
Does Palmer screen make sense for 6'4" rider with taller seat? or should i just go the naked way? reflecting insects/wind right into your neck/helmet is not the way i'll have it.

5. i know my opinion on this might not be objective, but i find it difficult to just cruise - with a steady hand even the smallest bump causes the engine to react and therefore it pulls or brakes uncontrollably and thus making me fight the bike - remap, kevs O2 controller mod?

6. imho the fuel mixture is too rich - farts sometimes :) maybe this has to do with the throttle response?

7. i've been overtaking a car today, and right after the maneuver, the bike completely switched off - engine, speedo, everything - i pulled clutch, tried to reset kill switch, nothing, then with clutch pulled in i turned the key to off position, on, and started the bike with starter just like i was standing still. Then I released the clutch and everything was ok, i continued flawlessly. BUT HELL! Is this normal with SMT? This sh*t is dangerous!

8. I've removed the rubber from pegs, and lowered the shift lever (cant hit 1st or neutral from 2nd when sidestand is released, but doesnt matter...) The SMTs side stand feels so soft and light like you can brake it easily! not talking by the really small contact point with the ground - parking on grass is probably not the best idea :)

9. thinking of these crash protectors ... Swh-1W5vCb
Are they any good?

10. in higher speed the bike gets sort of riding a snake... do you also experience this? should i check suspension? is KTMs suspension setting table from manual any good?

11. I am very surprised how smooth 1st gear is! my old jap4 chainslaps much more in 1st. But I feel i'm going to lose my license on this bike. It doesn't like legal speeds :(

hah, its a long one.
If you guys have some input, please feel free to respond!

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Re: becoming orange - daily observations

Post by ceh » Mon May 23, 2016 6:47 am

[quote][/quote]10. in higher speed the bike gets sort of riding a snake... do you also experience this? should i check suspension? is KTMs suspension setting table from manual any good?

dropping the yokes over forks by 5 or 10 mm will put more weight on the front and possibly steady her will also quicken up the steering,but you get used to it.
your height may also be an issue,taking weight of the front.
dropped my yolks 8mm, put slightly lower bars on it and played with the suspension and no problems with stability

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Re: becoming orange - daily observations

Post by adcolor » Mon May 23, 2016 8:28 pm

Turn your handle bar risers so they are more to the front (the risers are not centered on the handle bar -- free adjustment range).

Read Kev's mod book. Update/flash the ecm.
Gear it down a bit. Best by changing the rear sprocket, but works either way.
Tighten up the slop in your throttle cables (there has to be a tiny bit of slop --but only a tiny bit).

Take off your windscreen for now. Others here have had good results with the Palmer, I took my screen off, then cut it down into an ornamental blade, similar to a Triumph Speed Triple (fashionable yes, useful, no). Since you are taller by about 6"/150mm you may see a high value in the upgrade. I originally installed an MRA blade, but had not improvement.

You will have to keep reading for ideas on your apparent electrical problem. I would lift the front tire off of the ground (support the frame) and with the switch on, kill switch off, start jiggling and moving things, looking for intermittent changes in the control panel. Especially around the headlight bucket and the frame, and anything between the handlebar/triple tree and anything else (places things move). I would also jiggle the ignition switch and for good practice, remove everything off of the ignition key ring (low mass). Good luck!
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